Sfhera S.r.l.: Sfhera progetta e sviluppa prodotti a LED tecnologicamente avanzati e strettamente legati alla sicurezza stradale, all'illuminazione e al risparmio energetico, concepiti nell'ottica di una maggiore eco-sostenibilità, attraverso elevati standard qualitativi
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Variable message signs are graphic displays suitable to show symbols and images. Our line includes monochrome and fullCOLOR displays. The former use amber and white LED, while fullCOLOR panels can display colour images, including pictograms of the Traffic Code.

Every communication can be manually entered or follow a calendar schedule. Just connect to our Visual-Link platform to manage messages. All our variable message signs are compatible with the following platforms:

  • Nowtice for mass alerts for the population;
  • SPACLI: to manage accesses via App, in monitored public areas.

Communicating with variable message signs

Road safety is an important issue that deserves the proper attention. We create functional solutions to meet this need and favour greater safety on the road and urban centres. The SMART City concept encapsulates our vision of communication in urban centres with intelligent systems for dynamic traffic: for example the flooding road and underpass alert system.