Sfhera S.r.l.: Sfhera progetta e sviluppa prodotti a LED tecnologicamente avanzati e strettamente legati alla sicurezza stradale, all'illuminazione e al risparmio energetico, concepiti nell'ottica di una maggiore eco-sostenibilità, attraverso elevati standard qualitativi
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Monochrome VMS

The displays can show lines of alphanumeric text, amber or white images, traffic information and warnings. The texts can scroll or flash even on each line. Even the single character can flash. Date, time and temperature display and multiple pages. Planning via calendar for the display of scheduled events (example: weekly market). The upper part of the display is made with customizable graphics with digital printing and backlighting. 

Traffic becomes smart in city centres

Our displays can be integrated with:

  • parking systems for displaying free parking spaces;
  • alarm systems using external sensors for sending alerts, such as:
    • sensors for water detection in underpasses;
    • sensors for raising water in rivers;
    • sensors for detecting queues along roads;
    • height sensors for detecting vehicles that cannot enter certain areas.

Why choose Sfhera displays?

Our products are made in Italy and are the result of years of experience in the road signage industry. Our displays undergo a quality control phase to verify their correct functioning. In addition, the profiles and structures are aesthetically cared for in order to restore decorum in the places where they are installed.

VMS LED Single Colour: simple and immediate management

Every variable message sign can be managed in real time or through scheduling based on a calendar. There is no need to install software or buy licences, everything is done online via our Visual Link platform, which is completely free of charge.Visual Link interacts with the following devices: alphanumeric VMS, monochrome graphic VMS, full-colour graphic VMS, parking area panels, displays for restricted traffic area access points, displays for traffic signs.

  • SFH00210 / Dimensions 135x95 cm / Matrix 96x48 pixel pitch 12.5
  • SFH00210A / Dimensions 155x95 cm / Matrix 112x48 pixel pitch 12.5
  • SFH00210B / Dimensions 165x110 cm / Matrix 96x48 pixel pitch 15.625
  • SFH00210C / Dimensions 190x110 cm / Matrix 112x48 pixel pitch 15.625
  • SFH00210D / Dimensions 240x110 cm / Matrix 144x48 pixel pitch 15.625
  • SFH00206 / Backlighting of the upper part of the display
  • SFH00204 / Single square pole with plate and anchor bolts
  • SFH00208 / Double pole diameter 90 mm, height 250 cm, with upper ball
  • SFH00205 / Pole coating