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Mobile light signalling systems for construction sites

Mobile panel with glowing arrows for construction sites

Light signal consisting of flashing optics recessed in the aluminium structure for a better protection against impacts, with integrated switch. The panel is available in sizes 60x60 cm and 90x90 cm. Upon request, there is also a variant available with selective arrow – right and left – that can activate both arrows when necessary (suitable for operational vehicles).

Mobile light plates with flashing optics Figure II 391/a/b/c

Signage plates in aluminium equipped with LED synchronized flashing optics. Finish with reflective film class 1 and 12V power supply with photovoltaic kit.

  • SFH00344 / Dimensions 60x60x4 cm / Specify if right or left arrow
  • SFH00345 / Dimensions 60x60x4 cm / Selective arrow right/left
  • SFH00346 / Dimensions 90x90x4 cm / Specify if right or left arrow
  • SFH00347 / Dimensions 90x90x4 cm / Selective arrow right/left
  • SFH00348 / Stand with battery compartment