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Si.R.T. (Traffic detection system)

Si.R.T. Traffic and queue detection sensor

Thanks to Si.R.T., which is equipped with a radar sensor, various detections on vehicles can be carried out – also of various types – in transit on individual directions of travel. The system is suitable for the installation on the side or above the road. In the second case there is the additional possibility of measuring the height of the vehicles and consequently indicate protruding loads before a tunnel or underpass, so as to communicate to the driver to pull over or take a different road. The advantage of SiRT is the integration with variable message signs, by working together the sensor acts as a fully-fledged SMART traffic system for urban centres and extra-urban roads.

What does the Si.R.T. detect?

The SiRT has the main function of monitoring the traffic flow on the roads and detecting wrong-way drivers, queues, heavy traffic and traffic congestions. In detail, Sfhera's SIRT can be used to acquire much more data regarding moving vehicles, e.g. vehicle type, speed, density of vehicles on the road, space occupied by the vehicles, total number of vehicles, etc. All data are stored in digital format and can be downloaded via USB stick or web protocol. In addition, the data can be transferred to a server and subsequently processed for analysis and forecasting purposes. Sfhera provides software to be combined with the SiRT based on the Linux operating system for data acquisition from all peripheral devices in the area, storage and graphic processing in tables and graphs of the acquired data. An IP camera kit is available on request for remote viewing of traffic.

  • SFH00130 / Si.R.T. - Traffic Detection System