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 Flooded underpass monitoring and alert

How the flooded underpass sensor operates

The flooded underpass system includes sensors that enable it to detect the presence of water to promptly report a potential flooding of the underpass to the road user. The system can be integrated with variable message signs to restore smart traffic. 

The alarms are customizable at multiple levels. At every alarm threshold actions to carry out can be associated, such as activating external peripheral systems: flashing lights, variable message signs, sirens. Moreover, based on the alarm level, you can send one or more alert messages, via SMS and/or email and inform public institutions (Local Police, Municipality, Civil Protection).

To protect the institutions and citizens, all actions carried out by the underpass flooding detection system are stored by a data collection unit. Moreover, you can program the system remotely (firmware update and configuration).

Underpass anti-flooding water-level probe

Its operation is based on a silicon piezo-resistive element capable of converting hydrostatic pressure to the water level. The sensor can be connected to the data collection unit up to a maximum distance of 6 metres, immersed and fixed under the minimum envisaged water level, it can also be fixed on a vertical or sloping wall or on the bottom.

What does the underpass flooding alert system include?

  • watertight cabinet, average size of about 40x30x20(p) to be installed on the wall
  • management and power electronics
  • water-level probe with analogue output with multiple-level detection capabilities
  • radio modem with SIM card with software management through WEB application
  • buffer battery

Underpass flooding alert sensors

The underpass and road flooding alert system includes the notification and alert function in the event of an alarm. The system managing the installation and the sensor technology envisages the use of at least 2 alert thresholds (a pre-alarm and an alarm); an action to be carried out can be associated to each one, for example:

  • threshold 1: SMS/email sent to the Local Police Commander
  • threshold 2: SMS/email sent to the Local Police Commander and the Mayor.

All the actions carried out by the system are stored in the database.

  • SFH00315 / Flooding sensor
  • SFH00315A / Traffic light 1 LED light Ø 200 red 12V