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PLUS Technology

The Luminous Pedestrian Crossing PLUS is a state-of-the-art lighting and signaling system for pedestrian crossings. All the technology is contained and integrated within the pole; moreover, the system is equipped with a radio system that allows the simultaneous activation of flashing lights when a pedestrian is detected by the dedicated sensor or, alternatively, it is equipped with a GPS system that synchronizes the flashing.

The PLUS system consists of:

  • 2 powder-coated galvanized steel poles;
  • 4 LED side bars recessed into the poles;
  • 2 FIG 303 luminous signals with flashing optics;
  • 2 dual-technology sensors for pedestrian detection;
  • 2 radio systems or alternatively the GPS system for flashing synchronization;
  • 2 lighting units.

The installation of the PLUS system does not require cutting the road surface as the two poles and their sensors communicate with each other without wires (wireless).

PLUS Design

The PLUS system benefits from a compact, clean, and minimalist design that follows modern aesthetic standards; therefore, it is ideal and innovative as an element of urban furnishing.

PLUS Intelligenza Artificiale

Through AI, images are analyzed to generate statistical data on pedestrian and vehicular traffic, but it is also capable of promptly detecting and reporting any abnormal situations to the relevant authorities.

Event recognition

The situations that can be identified and reported thanks to AI are numerous:
- Intrusions: crossing of virtual lines, intrusion detection, detection of hand or foot intrusions, and dynamic subject masking;
- Hazard recognition: fire and smoke detection, person on the ground, animal detection, and crowd detection;
- Counting: counting in the area, occupancy, people, vehicles, and vehicle types;
- Analysis: user analysis, license plate recognition, thermal detection, and heat maps.

Syntesy Data

Syntesy is the data management and monitoring platform designed for Public Administrations. On it, it is possible to view the data collected by the PLUS systems in the form of graphs and tables.

Lights up with style

The PLUS is a system that provides lighting and signaling for pedestrian crossings. The advantages:

  • Furniture pole containing all electronics, including battery. No exposed box or external cable.
  • Illumination of the flashing optics and the LED light bar, inserted in the vertical of the pole, using a pedestrian detection sensor.
  • Double-sided luminous signal with a thickness of only 20 mm with integrated optics.
  • LED light complies with UNI TS 11726.

Complies with uni ts 11726

When the pedestrian is detected, the PLUS manages the lightning of the LED flashing optics and the LED light bar, inserted in the upright of the pole. The system is equipped with the lates generation Sfhera SLIM signals. These signals are bright and double-sided, equipped with optics integrated in a profile of only 20 mm.According to UNI TS 11726 the device provides the correct lightning of the road and a part of the pavement, ensuring adequate vision for both pedestrian and driver.

  • SFH00534 / PLUS + 600 cm steel pole