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 GIM2432 Slim

Radar speed sign on GIM2432 Slim plate

The GIM2432 Slim is a variant of the GIM series characterised by the application of the graphic display on a signage plate. As the display of the GIM2432 Slim radar speed sign has a graphic matrix, it can show lines of text and pictograms (images) alternating with data on the detected speed.

The LED display can show characters up to a maximum height of 45 cm up to a speed of 99 km/h, for speeds above that they have a maximum height of 28 cm. The messages shown can be activated upon the detection of five different speed thresholds. The texts have a minimum height of 10 cm on three lines with eight characters each. For statistical purposes, the speed and passages detected by the device can be stored.

Power supply: photovoltaic energy, 230 VAC and public lighting network.

  • SFH00109 / Dimensions 71x50x8.5 cm/ Power supply: 230 VAC
  • SFH00110 / Dimensions 71x50x8.5 cm/ Power supply: public grid
  • SFH00111 / Dimensions 71x50x8.5 cm/ Power supply: photovoltaic energy
  • SFH00011 / Aluminium plate / Dimensions 90x135 cm / Reflective finish class 1
  • SFH00014 / Pole in galvanised steel Ø 90 mm, height 400 cm
  • SFH00317 / Pair of flashing lights Ø 200 mm to apply on plate