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GIM2432: graphic radar speed sign

The GIM2432 model is an electronic speed sign with graphic matrix. The display can therefore show lines of text and pictograms alternating with the detected speed of the vehicles. This feature makes the device versatile and allows for communication through it, thus making it a fully-fledged variable message sign.

The display shows characters with a 45 cm height for speeds up to 99 km/h and 28 cm for speeds up to 199 km/h. The messages can be activated upon the detection of five different speed thresholds. The minimum height of the text is 10 cm and it can show a maximum of three lines with eight characters each. For statistical purposes and upon request, the data, time and speed of transit of the vehicles can be stored in a USB key.

The structure of the GIM2432 radar speed sign

The GIM2432 radar speed sign has a powder-coated extruded aluminium structure, the back lid has a cam lock while the front is in anti-reflective polycarbonate. The device has a standard size of 80 x 110 x 15 cm and is supported by a pole in galvanised steel with a maximum height of 370 cm.

  • SFH00100 / Dimensions 80x110x15 cm / Power supply: 230 VAC
  • SFH00101 / Dimensions 80x110x15 cm / Power supply public grid
  • SFH00102 / Dimensions 80x110x15 cm / Power supply: photovoltaic energy
  • SFH00107/ Galvanised steel pole
  • SFH00127 / Data download with pole-mounted watertight lockbox